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The DAV Social is a non-profit organization founded in the spring of 2021. The association is dedicated to humanitarian and social projects mainly in Germany and the Republic of Armenia. The founding team consists of 7 members, who invest their experience from their time and energy in order to support socially beneficial projects. support socially beneficial projects.

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Through our projects we promote and strengthen the cohesion between Armenia and Germany. and Germany.

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It is important to us that the help arrives where it is needed. For us, the focus is on people.

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Each of our projects is subject to the basic idea of sustainability. We want to make a lasting difference and trigger a positive development.

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Smart 4 Future

We organize professional tutoring for 5th to 9th graders in the following. subjects: Armenian, Russian and English language, mathematics and physics. Not only children from families affected by the war are supported, but also the teachers who lost their jobs and even their homes during the 44-day war. during the 44-day war. We see education and sustainable support measures as essential for a positive development of society and overcoming the consequences of war.




Rehabilitation Center for War Disabled - City of Heroes

Rehabilitation Center for War Disabled (City of Heroes): Psychological and medical assistance for veterans. The goal of the center is to help as many wounded veterans as possible. The focus is on the psychological and physical recovery of the victims and their families. and their families. In addition, participants in the program are given an opportunity for education and further training in various professions and a reward for work done. Some of of them are given the opportunity to find a permanent job after completing their training.


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Jöran Krüger

1. Vorsitzender

Tigran Manvelyan

2. Vorsitzender

Sona Krüger


Mariam Avagyan


Manushak Danielyan


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With a small monthly contribution you support our projects and stay well informed about the progress through our transparent communication. Currently the contribution is EUR 10,00 per month . As an invited participant of our annual general meetings you participate in our community and are well represented by the advisory board.

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Become a part of the team and support our projects with energy and your personal commitment. Active membership is offered to you on the suggestion and recommendation of one of our members. If you are interested, please contact the board of directors.